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An asset management tool that gives a consolidated view and valuation of your assets. 

Full data import from Investoscope.

The Investoscope Import 


Understand how to create a new TMW file and assign a currency to it. Having created your file you can then import the data held within your Investoscope database through the TMW Import Wizard.


The video explains the import process, the differentiation of security and cash transactions, instrument data, the treatment of errors  and the importance of getting static instrument data classification correct before importing 

Investoscope Import

Screen Navigation 1 - Accounts and My Assets 


Further discussion on the different way that TMW differentiates cash accounts and investment accounts (Investoscope just has one portfolio account) and how to set up you own accounts. 

The "My Assets” section allows you to view asset classifications and how you choose to group them in your TMW file. We also cover creating new bespoke asset classifications for your assets and how to use them as you view your overall worth.

Accounts & My Assets

Screen Navigation 2 - Reports, Classifications and Currencies

TMW contains lots of flexibility in the way you report your assets. This video discusses adding and removing columns and shows how to view assets by individual accounts over a specific period. The different types of reports are also explained and how to use exchange rates when reporting across multiple currencies.

Reports & Currencies

Screen Navigation 3 - Classifications

Viewing assets using a specific classification is helpful and powerful. You can continue using your Investoscope classifications and also create new ones. Classifications  called “Default”, “Sectors” and “Industries” are created on import from Investoscope and the application lets you create new ones as you wish. See how to create reports using these classifications and deal with funds which may have multiple components. 


These standard or bespoke classifications can then be used to report your assets and net worth against. The video also covers how to classify an asset that may span many constituents within a classification


Historical Prices and Category Handling

Getting the symbol correct on an instrument and defining the source for historical data are key in ensuring historical prices load into TMW. Please note that if the source doesn’t have the historical prices then no pricing history will be loaded.


Income and expense transactions will import from Investoscope as you would expect. Any bespoke category you have set up in Investoscope beginning with “fee” will be loaded as “fee”. All other bespoke categories will be shown as a removal or as a deposit. 

Prices & Category Handling